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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Counterbalance Bear Bag

Counterbalance Bear Bag
Backpackinglight - Bear Bag Hanging Techniques
  1. Find a tree with a live branch. The branch should be at least 15 feet (5
    meters) from the ground with no object below the branch that could support
    a bear’s weight. The point at which you will toss the rope over the branch
    should be at least 10 feet (3 meters) from the tree. The branch should be
    a least 4 inches in diameter (10 centimeters) at the tree and at least 1 inch
    in diameter (3 centimeters) at the rope point.

  2. Separate your food and other items into two bags of roughly equal weight.

  3. Throw the rope over the branch. Attach one end of the rope to one of the

  4. Raise the bag as high as you can up to the branch.

  5. Attach the other bag to the rope as high up on the rope as you can. Leave
    a loop of rope near the bag for retrieval.

  6. Push the second bag up to the level of the other bag with a long stick.

  7. To retrieve the bags, hook the loop of rope with the stick and pull it down.
    Remove the bag and then lower the first bag.


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